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Founded by key members of the Metroid Prime team, Armature Studio is dedicated to the creation and development of video games for all major platforms from its headquarters in Austin, TX. Since its inception in 2008, Armature Studio has worked on numerous blockbuster video game franchises (including Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid and the Batman Arkham series) and is currently cultivating multiple original properties (including Dead Star and ReCore, a collaboration with Mega Man series veteran Keiji Inafune, Comcept and Microsoft Studios) with an all-star staff credited on numerous industry-leading franchises including Metroid Prime, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Darksiders, The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more.

Current projects include:

ReCore with Keiji Inafune, of Mega Man fame, and Microsoft Studio

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night with Castlevania series veteran Koji Igarashi

With more projects like these in our future, we look forward to a future of continued growth and fun at our beautiful studio on the banks of Lake Austin!