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Armature Studio is located in Austin, Texas and was founded by the key developers of the acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise. We currently employ a team of industry veterans with experience on numerous games, and are looking to add to that roster. We aim to keep the creative flexibility of a small independent studio while partnering with publishers to create compelling, high end games. Recent titles we have worked on include Batman: Arkham City Blackgate and Injustice: Gods Among Us. We look forward to a future of exciting projects and continued growth. If you want to work with a close knit, agile team on projects that excite; if you like variety and an environment where you can grow and learn, then Armature Studio is your place!

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If you are interested in a position, please send your résumé to and include the position name in the subject line of your message.

Please note: Due to the volume of applications we receive for our job postings, we are unable to respond personally to telephone inquiries regarding the status of an application. Only candidates being considered for interview will be contacted at this time.


AI Engineer

Armature Studio is looking for an AI Engineer with game production experience to join our team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with producers, animators, art and design staff in building AI systems and behaviors
  • Identify and implement platform-specific optimizations to AI systems
  • Writes clear and concise code for programmers’ and designers’ use
  • Anticipates, identifies and articulates problem areas and finds preventative solutions.


  • Minimum 3 years prior experience as an  AI Programmer in the video game industry
  • Experience with modern AI systems and architectures
  • Experience with navigation, locomotion, animation, collision, and physics systems
  • Experience with real-time concurrent systems is a plus
  • Strong C++ language and design skills
  • Strong 3D Math skills
  • Able to write clear, correct code
  • Works well in an energetic collaborative environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, problem solving and time management skills

Gameplay Engineer

Armature Studio is looking for a Gameplay Engineer with game production experience to join our team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Writes clear and concise C++ code
  • Designs, builds and maintains major gameplay systems
  • Designs, builds and maintains other client or server systems as required
  • Collaborate with producers and design staff to optimize gameplay tools and mechanics
  • Tests and refines code throughout development cycle of the project


  • A minimum of 3 years of professional game programming experience using C++
  • Experience developing dynamic gameplay-related systems
  • Able to write clear, correct code
  • Works well in an energetic collaborative environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, problem solving and time management skills
  • Self-motivated, able to work with minimal direct supervision
  • Comfortable working within a team environment that encourages strong software engineering, coding standards, and code reviews


Generalist Engineer

The Generalist Engineer will work closely with the Technical Director to develop innovative software solutions for our upcoming projects. This role will also involve close collaboration with artists and designers as well as helping to influence the technical direction of projects.


  • 5 years of industry experience working as a software engineer with at least 1 shipped AAA title
  • Proficient in C/C++
  • Ability to both design and work within various scripting languages
  • Strong 3D math skills
  • Can work with other departments and assess and address game systems needs
  • Being able to grasp the big picture of how various systems must interact
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to work within a highly dynamic startup environment where team members typically have multiple responsibilities
  • Able to work independently with a minimum of supervision
  • Experience with Unity engine a plus


Technical Artist

The primary responsibility of the Technical Artist is working with Art and Engineering to bridge the gap between the creative expression of the art department and the harsh realities of the technology in use. They will ensure that the art that ships in the game is of the highest quality possible for the technology available.

The technical artist’s other responsibilities will include supporting the art department for technically minded tasks. This includes scripting, improvements to the asset pipeline, optimizations to 2D and 3D effects, authoring and optimizing shaders, et cetera.

The Technical Artist should be a person who can work autonomously, one who seeks out work to do, and who is constantly interfacing with people to gauge their needs.


  • Excellent understanding of major 3d packages.
  • Proficient with MEL, Python, and other scripting languages.
  • Proficiency in C/C++ a plus.
  • Must be able to author efficient shaders for in-game use using HLSL.
  • Proficient with Perforce.
  • Must be able to diagnose and solve performance and memory issues related to the use of art in games.
  • Should have experience with different rendering and lighting technologies.
  • Can create 2D and 3D effects, as well as optimize them for CPU and GPU performance.


Animator and Rigger

Working closely with the Art Director, other Animators, Artists, Engineers, and Designers, the Animator / Rigger is responsible for building dynamic rigging systems and executing the animation vision for our upcoming projects.


  • 2+ years of experience (and/or a 4 or 5 star reel and a lot of passion)
  • Demo reel must show strong hand keyed physical animation with bipeds and more complex non bipeds as well as character performance work
  • A passion for creating rigs that enhance character mobility and personality
  • Maya experience (Ideally 1 year or more)
  • Cinematic (film making) skills a strong plus. Should be able to demonstrate these skills (FMV, cut-scenes, short film, commercial, previs, etc…)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills


Jr Game Designer

Working closely with the Game Director, the Jr. Designer will be responsible for implementing creative gameplay ideas and building gameplay systems and scenarios for our upcoming projects.


  • Proficient with using editors for creating game scripting
  • Imaginative concept designer who can see the whole picture and articulate it to the team
  • Experience with creating design-centric level layouts using Maya or similar software
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. Positive, professional attitude. Disciplined and self-motivated with a strong work ethic
  • Ability to create detailed design documentation and work closely with programmers, artists, and design teams to implement game features
  • Ability to effectively analyze and give direction for improving submitted gameplay assets
  • Ability to work within a highly dynamic environment where team members typically have multiple responsibilities

Contract User Interface and User Experience Designer

We are seeking a dynamic, creative UX Designer to join our team for a thrilling new project. This person is immersed in the user experience realm. They have researched what makes the user click and are dedicated to clean, engaging design. This person is someone who loves games and intimately understands the gamer experience, and has a strong desire to improve upon it and produce a complete and dynamic user experience.


  • Combine well conceived, designed and developed user interface visuals and effects to create an immersive user experience
  • Team with artists and engineers to bring your UX design ideas to fulfillment
  • Act as an advocate for the game player
  • Direct all aspects of game user interface, from owning the overall design aesthetics and artwork to overseeing its implementation and programming
  •  Generate prototypes from simple paper walkthroughs to in-depth interactive experiences
  • Imagine and design logos, brand elements and energetic motion graphics that add a special “wow factor” to our games
  • Create flexible interface designs that scale to a variety of aspects and resolutions
  • Bring energy and positivity to your design work and see it through to completion.
  • Conduct all aspects of the user and product stories and balance your user-centered design practices with business requirements.


  • You breathe Flash, Photoshop, and possibly even Scaleform
  • Positive and collaborative team member, willing to work on multiple game projects
  • Have a passion for outstanding UX Design and strive for excellence and originality
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience working in Agile/Scrum is a plus
  • Experience designing 3d UI/UX for AAA video games is a plus

QA Tester

A contract QA Tester at Armature will work closely with other members of the development team to test game features as they are being developed.  The job involves playing (i.e., testing) the game in a systematic way, analyzing the game’s performance against the designer’s intentions, identifying problems, and suggesting improvements. Testers are responsible for assuring quality in the final product and for finding flaws in a game before it goes public.


  • Strong inter-personal communication skills.
  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • High level of pro-activeness and sense of urgency.
  • Risk assessment pertaining to software testing.
  • Very detail oriented.
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Previous testing experience is preferred.
  • Must be able to categorize bugs and able to prioritize.
  • Must be able to maintain concentration while playing games for long periods.
  • Experience with JIRA or other bug tracking software.