WBID Verification Email Workaround

It appears that many of you are enjoying Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition, but are having trouble getting WBID verification emails on PS3 and PC. Logging in to WBID will get you the Zero Year batsuit.

While a fix is being prepared, we have a workaround for one of the WBID failure cases. This workaround is only if you have successfully created a new WBID, are awaiting the verification email, and are told, when logging in, that you have logged in but need the verification to succeed.

If the above describes your situation, please go here:

Log in with your WBID and create a community account. This will trigger the verification email to be sent to you. After you click the verification link, you’ll be able to log into your WBID account from within the game, and unlock the Zero Year batsuit.

Thanks for playing!

Blackgate Pickup Map

We have released a pickup map detailing the locations of all of the items in Blackgate Prison, in spoiler-tastic glory!

It’s here!

E3 2013

We showed the PS Vita version on the show floor at the Sony booth, as well as the PS Vita and 3DS’s behind closed doors at the WB Games booth. The people that were able to see both versions were blown away by what they saw, and I (Jack) heard most people gasp when they saw how nice the initial shot of Batman looked on both the 3DS and Vita.

While the console version was the belle of the ball for this show, we know that over the coming months, the marketing machine will get the handheld version into the hands of more people.

Here’s a wrapup of some of the press that we enjoyed from E3.

Also, check out our BAO Blackgate game page for screenshots!

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Announced!

Armature is proud to announce that we are working with WB Games to make Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on 3DS and PS Vita.

Read the cover story reveal from Game Informer here! And look for the issue of Game Informer on shelves soon.


New Jobs Posted

Now HIRING! We are looking for talented Environment Artists, Technical Artists and Engineers to join our team. Check out our jobs page for job descriptions and how to apply.